Cool Site Zone

Here’s a collection of blogs and other sites I enjoy reading. It’s not perfect in the categorization and people often write about more than just the one category I put them under but I hope you find some cool stuff! If you don’t recognize some of the names, I tried putting what they’re most known for next to them. A lot of these have RSS feeds as well and I recommend using a RSS feed reader (I use Inoreader) to keep updated on posts.

Blogrolls and Webrings
The Big List of Personal Websites – A list of personal sites
Indie Web Turnpike – Links to other game devs from the creator of Indiepocalypse – A directory of indieweb sites
No Escape’s 2024 Blogroll – Links to other video game sites and game crit – Page linking to webrings of all types
Tabletop Webring – Webring of ttrpg creators by ttrpg creator Sandy Pug Games

Video Game Creators
Adam Le Doux – Developer of Bitsy
Dust Scratch Games – Drew and the Floating Labyrinth
Graceless Games – Beautycopter, Funny Walk
Lilycore – BOSSGAME
Lobdegg – The Aching
Michigan Game Studios Database – Links to games studios in Michigan
Moosader – Developer of Playdate games
Nathalie Lawhead – Electric Zine Maker, BlueSuburbia
Punching Robots Club – Retro Remakes, Death Ray Manta
Quinn K. – An Outcry, There Swings a Skull
renkotsuban – Indie Tsushin
Ron Gilbert – Monkey Island, Putt-Putt, Thimbleweed Park
Stuffed Wombat – PRODUCER 2021, 10mg: Always Down
Taylor McCue – He Fucked the Girl Out of Me, Do I Pass?
Troisnyx – Composer for games like Revita and Ley Lines

Games Crit and Writing
Bobbins’ Olde Tomb Of Videogames – Regular updates on exciting new indie games
CD-Rom Journal – Site focused on multimedia art and early CD-ROM games
Critical Distance – Provides a weekly roundup of good writing in games
The Genesis Temple – Site that leans towards covering obscure games history
GlitchOut – Blog about alternative game experiences
Indie Hell Zone – Indie game focused blog
KRITIQAL – covers games as political instruments, artistic statements, and cultural objects
Michael Coorlim – Writer focused on creating videos covering classic computer games
No Escape – Site focused on games crit and digital culture
The Obscuritory – Blog about obscure games
Press Play Gaming – Games coverage leaning more towards indie games
SideQuesting – Game review site and podcast
SpindleyQ – Blog about older games and programming
Unwinnable – Culture crit and monthly digital magazine
Uppercut Crit – Games and pop culture crit with a focus on indie games
Voxel Smash – Video game reviews and guides

Interactive Fiction
Andrew Plotkin – Developer of games like Hadean Lands and Shade
Emily Short – Developer of Galatea and Counterfeit Monkey
Renga in Blue – Person attempting to play every adventure game from the beginning

Retro Gaming
Bally Alley – Website dedicated to the Bally Astrocade console/computer
DOS Game Club – Monthly club focused on DOS game discussion

dr!p – Artist focused on pixel art
Rayne Klar – Creator of zines and other great art

Dinoberry Press – Creator of ttrpgs like Justicar, Sprouts, and Dinocar
fdisk – Endure, Dead Memories
Gem Room Games – Dukk Borg, Subway Runners
Good Luck Press – Creators of Torq, Black Mass, Dwelling
HydroForge Games – Hannukah goblins
James Chip – The Adventurer, Equa!
mush revolutionary – Nostos?, Ascii Delve
Peregrine Coast Press – Filmmakers Without Cameras
Prismatic Wasteland – Creator of Barkeep on the Borderlands
Speak the Sky – Twilight Song, Like Skyscrapers Blotting Out the Sun
Kaden Ramstack – Haunted Doll Posse, Un-Navigatable
Tablecat Games Forever King, Street Wolves
Totrpg – Solo ttrpg reviewer and Actual Play actor

Alocasia – journal of queer plant-based writing
Beestung – quarterly online micro-magazine for non-binary, genderqueer, and two-spirit writers and readers

Brain Baking – Blog about technology and baking
Computer Chronicles Revisited – Review of the classic PBS show about technology
The Future is Now – Posts about games preservation