I Guess I Have a Twitch Channel Now?

Out of boredom and curiosity, I decided to finally try streaming on Twitch and it turns out I actually think it’s really fun? It’s a bit chaotic right now and I don’t have a schedule since I have a baby, so it’s just whenever I have the time and feel like it, but I didn’t realize that I would actually really enjoy having people to talk to while playing games that are sitting in my backlog. I highly doubt it will ever be A Thing where I stream things that are popular or have a fancy setup or anything that will make it feel like a second job, but feel free to follow me. As expected, I’ll mostly just play old stuff and indie games on there.

Made a Little Game in Downpour

Downpour is a new-ish app for making little games on your phone using photos and text. I have made a literal walking simulator in Downpour where you go on a lunch time walk on a trail with me


​Go check out Downpour for making games. It’s good stuff. ​Making little things in it has been really fun and is helping me finally break whatever game making rut I’ve been in​​

Screenshot Saturday Roundup (March 3, 2024)

Squeezing in one more roundup of things I saw on non-twitter places since I’m now self hosting and can actually embed Mastodon links now. I just got excited and wanted to try it for myself. It should make doing these a lot easier too.

Every week there’s a new gif from this game on Masto and Cohost and it still looks great

This looks like a nice little puzzle game that just came out

Waterpark tycoon game! Hell yes, sign me up

Part 1 of a retro looking EGA adventure game was just released for free

Here’s a clip from another EGA looking adventure game.

Good 1-bit racoon from this screenshot on Blue Sky

top down view of a puzzle game board and an image of a racoon

Indie Game Roundup (March 1, 2024)

Hello! This is going to be the last one of these for the next month or two as I will be busy taking care of a newborn starting next week. Thank you so much for reading these and feel free to check out the posts I’ve made from previous weeks for more indie games. I’ve also tried highlighting other folks that talk about indie games a lot, so please follow them.

ChoiceBeat 10
One of those folks is ChoiceBeat (Itch link), zine focused on visual novels, interactive fiction, and adventure games. Every issue is free.

Indie Tsushin
If you would like to learn about indie games from Japan, consider checking these folks out. The newest issue just came out (Itch link) and is available as Pay-What-You-Want.

Indiepocalypse 50
The newest Indiepocalypse just came out today. I will keep posting about these whenever they come out because I have discovered so many games from here.

text over a photo of a bonfire saying "She lunged forward, making him rest against his back. Their mouths separated for a second while Unatxi grabbed a few logs and fed them to the campire. The way things were going, clothes might be coming off shortly.
Screenshot from The Curse of Unatxi Kamala

The Curse of Unatxi Kamala
The Curse of Unatxi Kamala is an IF game created for the Queer Vampire Jam and also the Smoochie Jam. The game was created in binksi, which is a fork of bipsi that allows people to use Ink.

I would also like to recommend Angelblood (Itch link), a visual novel also created for the Queer Vampire Jam that features some fantastic artwork.

screenshot from The Hypnic Chain, showing bright green grass and plants under a cloudy sky.
Screenshot from The Hypnic Chain

LSDJAM is a game jam where people make games inspired by LSD: Dream Emulator. The jam ran for a few months and it looks like a lot of very interesting games were created for it.

screenshot from Dead Names showing a blurry image of someone sitting in bed
Screenshot from Dead Names

Dead Names
Dead Names
is a free short sci-fi visual novel for the Game Boy, but you can also play it in the browser. Please read the content warning before playing it.

Alakajam is a game jam similar to Ludum Dare and the 19th one just wrapped up. Check out the games here and consider participating in a future jam if you want to do something like Ludum Dare but in a much smaller community.

PowerJam #1
The first game jam for the PowerQuest plugin for Unity has just ended. PowerQuest allows folks to make point-and-click adventure games in a way similar to Adventure Game Studio but with all the pros and cons of Unity. Some really neat stuff was made for this jam.

3 different colored kobolds standing in front of someone in a prison cell
Screenshot from Yip Quest

Yip Quest
Not a new game but I finally played the point-and-click adventure Yip Quest, where you control 3 kobolds trying to steal treasure. It’s a short game made for a game jam and you can play it in the browser.

Self Promotion Time
Before I take off for quite a while (I’ll probably keep posting on here but not doing these roundups, add this to your RSS feed reader!), here’s some of the stuff that I worked on this last week:

If you enjoyed reading these roundups, consider buying one of my games or checking out my Ko-fi, and please be very vocal about the indie games you love. People don’t hear about this stuff unless there’s folks screaming about them from the rooftops. Doesn’t have to be a blog. It can be on your Twitch stream or on social media.