Recent Free Games I’ve Enjoyed

There’s been a bunch of new free games that I’ve really liked playing so I thought I would put them all in one spot so people can check them out.

Dead Petals Bliss

screenshot of Dead Petals Bliss where there is a flower on the left shooting at a traffic cone, and the screen is a gigantic mess of bullets.

Dead Petals Bliss is a twin-stick shooter with lots of nice colors and felt great to control. One of the designers previously made a twin-stick game called satryn/satryn deluxe which I was a huge fan of, so this was an instant download once I saw it. It reminded me a lot of freeware and solo dev pc games from the late 90’s and early 00’s, or at least what I remember those games being like. The co-op mode works really well too, with each player starting with their own set of health but if someone loses it all, the other player can sacrifice one health to bring them back. It sounds like this game is going to follow the same model as satryn, where it will eventually get a deluxe version on Steam at some point so I’ll have to pick that up when it’s out too.


Cellosseum screenshot of a big explosion in the center of the screen with cells shooting at each other

Cellosseum¬†is another new twin-stick shooter I’ve been playing this week. It was developed by WolverineSoft, the University of Michigan’s student game development club. I’ll have to do a longer post about them sometime because they’ve done a lot of neat stuff over the years. and have been around for a while. I thought the artwork in this was very nice, with a more watercolor style that you don’t see very often in games. The upgrade system between rounds helps add some variety to the game too. It’s just a nice arcade game and would be impressive even if it wasn’t by students with little game dev experience.

Tommy Gun Witches

Tommy Gun Witches screenshot of picture of an empty apartment with a creepy clown mask and tommy gun, and text saying "twirl a skull, and boil a gull"

Tommy Gun Witches is a short (30-60 minute) point-and-click adventure by Cosmic Void where you investigate a murder suspected to be by a witch. I’ve been a big fan of Cosmic Void’s previous games and this was just as fun as those. The game moves very quickly and I never felt stuck on anything too long, partially due to its nice features like a map that lets you quickly travel to various locations and the mouse cursor changing color when you’ve done everything you can with a specific object or person. If you enjoy this game, I highly recommend their previous game Elsewhere in the Night.

My Miconoid

My Miconoid is a character creator by Rose that originally appear in Indiepocalypse 43. Come on, look at this lil guy. He’s so cool!

My Miconoid screenshot of picture of a fungi with sunglasses

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