Computer Store Photo Dump: Celebs at CompUSA

I’m not actually sure where any of these pictures originally came from on the web and I can’t find them anymore. So for the sake of preserving important computer history, here are photos of famous people at CompUSA. If you would like more, here’s some pictures from Getty Images of Bill Gates signing copies of Windows 95 and a couple of Steve Ballmer. Depending on your definition of famous, here’s some of Richard Garriott and Warren Spector at Egghead Software. So uhhhhh, enjoy!

picture of Emmanual Lewis giving a thumbs up next to an employee
Emmanual Lewis from the show Webster
Andre 3000 standing next to an employee at the store.
Andre 3000 from Outkast
Steven Seagal shaking hands with an employee
Steven Seagal, actor and Russian propoganda tool

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