Indie Game Roundup (Nov. 3, 2023)

Here’s a bunch of recent games I’ve enjoyed lately and other neat stuff

We got a new batch of Domino Club games! Domino Club is an anonymous collective of game developers creating games for jams for the last couple of years. Every jam provides a bunch of interesting experimental games and I recommend checking out the other jams too.

The Games for Gaza bundle is still going! Get a ton of great games and help some people out.

A new Click Or Treat bundle is out. I was lucky enough to be in the one last year with a bunch of great games and this one has a new batch of great games for the season.

Schloss der W├Âlfe is a short, free horror-themed World War II FPS by David Lindsey Pittman, who has made some great games like Neon Struct and Eldritch.

A new Choicebeat is out! Choicebeat is a free zine covering interactive fiction, adventure games, and other narrative focused games.

There is a new Super Rare Mixtape focused on indie horror games.

The new Indie Tsushin for October covers a bunch of indie games from Japan and features a lot of interviews as well.

karyogenesys is a short atmospheric walking sim with light puzzle elements with a style inspired by the first System Shock. It is now available for pre-order with a launch planned for early next year.

A Kickstarter has launched for the adventure game Brain Hotel: Remodeled. The game is designed by Mark Darin, who worked at Telltale and made indie adventure games like the Nick Bounty series

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