Decker and Color Support

I just saw a game implement color in an app made with Decker so I thought for my first post in Blaugust, the event where people try to make a blog post every day this month, I would quickly explain what Decker is and how to make apps with color.

What’s Decker?

Decker is a platform for creating multimedia apps in the style of Hypercard for the Macintosh during the 80s and 90s, but designed to be even more approachable and possible to use in a web browser as well. If you’ve never used a Decker app before, there was just a jam on Itch where you can check it out.

What’s This About Color Support?

For a while I’ve been wishing for it to support color because my first experience with Hypercard was playing Myst, which used a heavily modified version of Hypercard, and thinking that it could be a good game engine for making a very specific kind of adventure game. Well it turns out it has had the ability to do color this whole time. This post here explains what the process is. It’s a little more technical than just pushing a button but I’m happy to see it there. An entry in the Decker jam I mentioned even has a nature slideshow in color. It’s a lovely thing that reminds me of an early internet and hopefully we’ll see more apps in this style in the near future. Maybe I’ll even do one.

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