Screenshot Saturday (Feb. 26, 2024)

There was a lot of stuff on Cohost/Mastodon/Blue Sky that looked very nice to me with the Screenshot Saturday tag. Let’s take a look!

I’m interested in this solarpunk city builder that I just found out about last Saturday on Mastodon

top down view of a futuristic city

Even the menus for Kitsune Tails are looking very charming on Blue Sky, Cohost, and Mastodon

menu showing how to design a magic postcard

I also just learned about Settlemoon on Cohost. I really like the colors it’s using and apparently the game is already out!

a menu sitting in front of a pixel art village

I like this game’s aesthetic. You can follow it on Cohost and Mastodon

gif of a low poly walk up stairs

Axyz looks like a puzzle game I’ll enjoy with its vaporwave aesthetic. I saw this on Blue Sky.

marble sitting on a platform in the sky

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