Detroit Zine Fest 2024

Went to the Detroit Zine Fest yesterday and had a great time. I haven’t been to one since the last Detroit zine fest, since I wasn’t able to go to the Grand Rapids zine fest last August and I should probably go to whatever ones are in Toronto since that really isn’t that much farther than Grand Rapids for me. It’s always a good time and it’s a chance to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while. One nice thing is that while they don’t require masking (which they used to do), they do have a sign saying masking is encouraged and people do it anyway. I wish game conventions would do this. Narrascope does but everyone else has given up on it.

I got a lot of cool stuff too. I’ll try to link to all the artists, although there’s one or two that I wasn’t able to figure out. All the stickers and pins are for my kids. I wasn’t sure if I could bring my oldest to the zine fest or if there would even be anything for her there but it turns out there was and other kids were there as well, so I will have to bring her.

  • The Snoopy and Ditto stickers and Snoopy fashion zine are by Brenda.
  • The Sonic stickers are by Lauren.
  • The orange zine and vintage cats zine are by Hale. Also check out their page that is in that link!
  • The sketchbook at the bottom and zines and painting by the right are by swanchime, also a game designer.
  • Stereotypical Diaspora Poetry is by The Reza Minute
  • The brown bag is a subscription to the Floral Observer quarterly about nature and gardening
  • The Sonic stickers are by DROSE ATTACK.

Someone told me I should table with the Locally Sourced zine I made two years ago and still have a lot of copies of, so maybe I’ll do that, get another issue made along with some small $1 ones about FMV games or whatever, and then do one of these? That could be fun.

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