Indie Game Roundup (Nov. 10, 2023)

Screenshot from Roman Sands RE:Build showing people hanging out in a bar and the design having a Y2K aesthetic

Here’s some various bits of indie game news and releases that I found exciting this week.

A new version of Risk of Rain is out! I loved the original game and put so many hours into it. The sequel was well designed but wasn’t for me so it’s exciting to see this version revisited.

A new Indiepocalypse was also released. I will continue posting about this every time they’re released since every issue has cool games.

The Playdate is a very cool little thing and it’s nice we’re still getting regular updates showing off new games and other neat things.

Celestial Bodies is a new TTRPG looking for additional funding to make improvements and it looks like a nice space game.

Spritewrench has released a demo for Sunken Stones, a pirate-themed puzzle survivor-like with roguelike elements. I was a big fan of their previous game On the Peril of Parrots and think this is worth a look too.

As an occasional TTRPG designer, I’ll get a lot of ideas for games that I want to make but just don’t have the time for or ever figure out a way to make it, so it’s always really nice when someone make a game about something you’re thinking about, and probably much better than whatever I would have designed. Record Shop is a solo ttrpg about one of my favorite things, digging through the stacks of records at a record shop.

Gobliins 6 has been announced and I’m very excited.

A demo for Roman Sands RE:Build has been released and it looks incredible. I haven’t played it yet but I was a big Paratopic fan so I’ll have to make time for it soon.

Thirsty Suitors is out! This is one of the games I was most excited for this year and I will be buying it as soon as I can afford to. The reviews have been positive and I hope it does very well.

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