College Radio

I was listening to the University of Michigan’s radio station doing their weekly local music show last night and if you have a local college or public radio station, consider checking them out and supporting them if you don’t already. I discover so much more through the curation at radio stations I like than through algorithms.

Some of the stations I like are listed below and can be listened to online:
WCBN, University of Michigan’s radio station as mentioned above. There’s a lot of great local music that’s highlighted and a nice variety of other stuff too.

WPRB-FM in Princeton, especially their yearly Christmas marathon hosted by one DJ over 25 hours. I’ve discovered a lot great music local to New Jersey as well.

KEXP in Seattle has a lot of great live performances and I like their morning show.

WFMU in New Jersey is where some of my favorite shows like The Best Show got their start.

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