Big Myst Online Update Available Now

EDIT: Turns out the update is actually live now

It looks like a massive update is coming to Myst Online tomorrow.

screenshot from Cyan's facebook saying

Tomorrow is URU's 20th anniversary! Can you believe it?! Neither can we.
Just in time for the celebration is the latest fan update to MOULa (Myst Online re-imagined as an MMO set in the vast, explorable universe of Myst)! 
It includes a new D'ni area, new audio for the intro with a new voice-over by Rand Miller, updates to six fan ages, and more surprises! Visit to learn more.

If you thought this MMO was dead, or never even knew about it, I don’t blame you. Uru came out in 2003 and while it did alright critically, it was a big commercial flop and nearly killed Cyan. The online portion of the game was quickly shut down and was unplayable until Gametap paid to revive the game and have Cyan create new content for it. Eventually this ended too and Myst Online was shutdown again until Cyan brought it back again for free on their own servers, which are kept up by donations. It was essentially the same game as the one at the end of Gametap’s run, static and no new content, until a few years ago when Cyan started adding fan content. While it will never be a massively popular game, it does receive regular updates now and seems to be getting a big one tomorrow. I’m not sure if this will include the Descent Expansion update that has been in development for a long time, which uses content from Myst 5.

If you’re a Myst fan but have never played Myst Online, give it a shot! It’s a bit clunky and dated, but I think it still looks nice for a game from 2003 and there hasn’t really been anything like it since then. Plus you can play it entirely for free here.

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