Retro Gaming Roundup (Dec. 4, 2023)

A surprising amount of retro stuff happened this week that I found exciting. The biggest thing happening now is that the Video Game History Foundation has been highlighting some of the important things they’ve done for the first 25 days in December to help raise funds to keep going. You can check the calendar out here. Obviously my favorite bit is the Making of Riven documentary getting a remaster.

Desert Bus, a game famous for intentionally being the most boring game ever made, just got a port to the Playdate.

title screen of soul crystal, showing a hand reaching through an open door

A German text adventure from 1992 for the Commodore 64, Soul Crystal, just got an English translation. I’m not familiar with the game but it’s apparently pretty good and I think the art and music are fantastic from the extremely quick peek I took at it.

A bunch of SSI games are coming soon to GOG and Steam. I never heard of any of these games but a lot of strategy game folks seem to be excited about them so I guess that means it’s worth a look

A remaster of Beyond Good and Evil is coming out in 2024. Still a great game so I’m looking forward to that. Never got really excited about anything I saw from the sequel in development and still no updates on that so…..oh well.

A remaster of Turok 3 just came out. I never actually played this one but grew up playing Turok 1, 2, and Rage Wars on the N64 so it’s interesting to me. Nightdive did a nice job with the remasters for 1 and 2 and my understanding is that this is the last good Turok game so I’ll probably play this at some point.

A Boy and His Blob for the NES and Game Boy just got a rerelease. I could never get into these game and strongly preferred the one for the Wii but you know what? Games I don’t like should get rereleases and remasters too.

Finally, enjoy this demo written for DOS. Realistically you probably won’t install and run that so here’s a YouTube video of it as well.

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