Screenshot Saturday (Feb. 19, 2023)

I got grumpy about it feeling like outlets covering #ScreenshotSaturday are only doing it for X, which is just a dying social media platform for the far right at this point, so here’s some of things that I thought looked pretty neat elsewhere. Some of the posts have multiple images, so click on the links to see more. I only got Blue Sky, Mastodon, and Cohost this week but can check out other places like Tumblr, Instagram, and Threads in future weeks.

Shadow jumping game SCHiM is looking pretty nice over on Cohost

I’m excited to see Eldritch 2 development going smoothly on Mastodon and Bluesky since I loved the original.
view of a building with lit windows at night

This fan project is looking pretty lovely on Mastodon, with a lengthy post on Cohost explaining development of the game as well.

Oidanoid is looking like a lovely twin stick shooter (Mastodon)

I continue looking forward to The Crimson Diamond, a point-and-click adventure inspired by games like The Colonel’s Bequest. (Mastodon, Blue Sky, Steam)

gif of a man packing clothes

Frenzy is pitched as a demake of Far Cry from an ecofeminist lens (Mastodon)

a woman shooting at some bad guys in a jungle

I’m a huge fan of Cosmic Void’s games and will be the first in line to buy Devil’s Hideout as well. (Mastodon, Blue Sky, Steam)

Inspector Waffles Early Days is turning out to be a lovely Game Boy inspired adventure game. (more images on Mastodon, Blue Sky, Steam)

I enjoy Taconite’s game jam work so I’m excited to see that they’re making another FPS (Blue Sky)

Tearcell Games has a nice looking Godot tech demo for a rpg (looks much better on Mastodon)

gif of movement through a forest and then fighting a blob

Mushroom Musume is already fantastic and it’s continuing to get updates (look better on Mastodon,

visual novel gif showing photos of a forest in a low amount of colors

Retrowave ’84 has some nice colors in their FPS (Blue Sky, Steam)

a neon highway with police cars on the road in a futuristic city

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